Cambridge® Paving stones with ArmorTec-TM - Insist on Cambridge® Paving stones with ArmorTec-TM for your driveway, patio, pool, walkway, sunroom or other paving project. Fontana Concrete is a proud distributor of Cambridge® products, stocking most pavers for immediate delivery. We also offer all other items from this fine line of product such as Walls, Lights, Edge Restraint Systems and other specialty items.

Speedy-Bric® & Tile-Crete-TM –Manufactured by Fontana Concrete under exclusive patent for over 30 years, Speedy-Bric® and Tile-Crete-TM are attractive, affordable alternatives to our line of Cambridge® products. Available in many colors, sizes and patterns you will find these paving slabs excellent for use in constructing patios and walkways as well as for use around pools.